“The Doctors are great! especially Dr. Beylin. Really cool, nice guy makes you feel comfortable and at ease right away. He explained in detail the issues and how we will resolve them with little to no out of pocket cost for me which I thought was awesome!

Over all great Doctors.”
J. Duncan

“Dr. Beylin was recommended to me by a friend. I immediately called his office. I was able to get an appointment easily. The staff was friendly, and greeted me warmly.

Dr Beylin has great bedside manner, as well a being a good listener to my complaint with my ankle. He took an X-ray , as well a feeling for the pain points on my ankle.

He was able to help me that day. I had a followup a week later, and my ankle feels great. I will also recommend him to others and will go back to him if I have a foot problem. Kudos to Dr. Beylin!”
Robyn R.

“Excellent, very attentive and caring doctor. I highly recommend him.”
Sheyla N.

“I would highly recommend the doctor. He was very knowledgeable and patient. He took his time to explain all my different options. I felt comfortable With his diagnosis and his suggestion for the course of treatment.”
Sandra D.

“I would definitely recommend all my friends to visit this location. The staff was very professional and friendly, which is amazing to experience. Dr. Beylin is an excellent doctor and he is very polite and pleasant. I’m very satisfied with my recent visits. I did not wait a long time and I was done with my procedure in a timely manner. I always have a great experience with Dr. Beylin.”
Fiorella T.

“Wonderful experience! Thank you Dr.”
Anabelle M.

“They have a very organized office and the schedule is punctual. I’ve been here several times and each time he has been very effective at helping me feel better.”
Lori V.

“I was pleased and all went as well as expected..”
Howard U.

“He answered all my questions regarding my toe infection, gave me some tips as he noticed I had more flatter feet than normal. I’ve gotten orthopedics inserts and was able to get me the best cost effective foot ointment.”
Olivier J.

“Dr. Beylin is a true professional, extremely skilled and knowledgeable. He delivers his services with the patient foremost in mind, and with exceptional customer service. He listens to his patients, and always responds to their questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend Dr. Beylin. I know you will be pleased with his podiatric services, his forthrightness, his treatment of your problem and his compassion and dedication to resolving your issues. It’s also worth noting that his staff follow his lead and fulfill their responsibilities with the same commitment to the patients.”
Louis M.

“Extremely caring, courteous and very professional. Took the time to listen to my concerns, what was working and not working as far as past treatments. Suggested tests to more accurately diagnose the severity of current problems, but left the decision to me as to have the tests done. Sensitive to what my insurance plan would cover and willing to adjust accordingly. Explained everything in easy to understand language. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes, what a pleasant surprise!”
Bernadette C.

“I had pain in the ball of my foot that was becoming unbearable, the doctor injected cortisone where the irritated nerve was and 24 hours later it’s 1/2 the level of irritation. We are going to do this a couple more times combined with heel pads placed properly, highly recommend , office staff moved the appointments efficiently”
“The office staff was very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Beylin was very knowledgeable and professional. He offered great care. My foot is already feeling better!”
Darlene M.

“I was seen within 10 minutes. Dr. Beylin was very polite and warm. He was honest and forthright, gave me not only options but made recommendations and that DID NOT include surgery, so he is not knife happy. I appreciated that alot.”
Cindee D.

“Very knowledgeable doctor, the visit + the entire procedure took a total of 40 minutes – the most efficient doctor’s office i have been to!”
Deepak T.

“As always, This doctor is a good listener and finds the options to make one feel better. Takes his time and explains the treatments options…excellent doctor. Very honest.”
Gladys O.

“Great doctor!!! He quickly found the cause of my foot pain and took care of it in less than 20 minutes. The wait time at the office was very short. I will definitely be going back to this office.”
Chauncey C.

“I thought the doctor was very professional yet exudes a sense of warmth that I appreciate it. So many doctors these days are just concerned with getting the patient in and out of the room and on to the next one. He took his time explaining things to me and I felt very comfortable after listening to him and his diagnosis.”
M C.

“Love him!!! Professional Always!!!! Extremely Courteous, and just does what is needed nothing more!!!! I highly recommend him.”
Dawn V.

“Was able to make appointment the same day needed and was able to see the doctor right away. Very pleased with Dr. Bylin and staff”
Raquel M.

“Extremely professional and very straight forward about my problem and what he felt was the best course of action.I have all the confidence in him.”
Dennis H.

“I was overwhelmed with Dr. Beylin professional manner and his caring attitude. He answered all of my questions and went over all the options to to relieve my problem. I never felt rushed. I went to him because of the comments I read about him and he lived up to what his other patients had about him.”
Dennis H.

“Dr. Beylin was very helpful, informative, patient, and professional. He answered all my questions and gave me a choice of treatments. He took his time with me and was very good about explaining everything. His manner and knowledge instilled confidence. He even patiently answered questions about a problem my daughter has, who lives out of state. I recommend him highly!”
Perla G.

“Dr. Beylin is awesome! I went to him once before & he found a needle in my foot & performed surgery. He did an excellent job. This time I have a growth on my foot of which he is doing a careful diagnosis before treating. He is very knowledgeable and highly skilled. We need healthy feet to be able to lead healthy, productive lives. I feel confident that I am in the best “hands” for my “feet” when I go to Dr Beylin!”
Ann M.

“Before making my first appointment, I looked over the reviews on his website and liked what I read. I was pleasantly surprised to find that after my first visit, I definitely agreed with what those reviews had to say. I felt relaxed and at ease with Dr. Beylin, and was impressed with the time he took with me and confident with the treatment he recommended.”
“This was my first visit to this office. This is a well run office, the doctor answered my questions clearly and was attentive and professional. The office was clean and orderly. There were many informational displays posted. I look forward to my next visit.”
Marla C.

“Felt like I was talking and getting advice and treatment by a friend. Would definitely recommend”
Isis D.

“I was very impressed with the friendly service, the doctor patience and his lovely disposition explaining my situation to me. I would recommend Dr.Beylin to anyone who needs to see apodiatrist.”
Pauline M.

“Very honest and up front explained everything so clearly and didn’t treat until we fully understood. Excellent doctor.”
Kristin C.

“A caring professional, concerned with his patients’ overall wellbeing, not just his own area. Always full attention and good advice.”
“It was amazing! The experience was very pleasant. I didn’t wait a very long time and all stuff members were attentive. Wonderful doctor very kind and I left feeling hopeful for my recovery.”
Andreina V.

“I found Dr. Beylin to be friendly and intelligent. He answered all my questions fully and did not treat me as though I was unintelligent. I will be recommending Dr. Beylin to anyone who mentions that they need a podiatrist.”
Nia I.

“My visit was great. Walked into office, signed in at front window and within 2 minutes an assistant came out with paperwork for me to sign. I was in examine room within 5 minutes. Dr Beylin introduced himself and asked me several questions about my injury. When I spoke, he was listening very carefully. His bedside manner was great. I had an x-ray in office which was very convenient. I would definitely recommend Dr. Beylin.”
Monique M.

“Dr. Beylin is always 100% focused on the patient, and gladly answers questions and explains procedures, etc. One of the best medical professionals I have consulted.”
“The doctor was personable, knowledgeable, efficient and compassionate. The office staff were all pleasant and efficient, I feel fortunate to have found this practice.”
“I was entirely happy with my visit to Dr. Beylin’s office. The staff was very corteous. We were seen quickly, despite being late for our appointments. Dr. Beylin answered every single one of my questions and I left totally satisfied. He devoted plenty of time for the appointments, which is very rare nowadays. He is making me custom orthotics for my feet. I look forward to returning to the office for my follow up, this is how outstanding Dr. Beylin’s and his team’s service was.”
Lyubomir G.